"The rural communities have obtained scarce benefits of this industry. We believe firmly in the development of projects: Agricultural and tourist, rural and communitarian in these beautiful areas that have been during many years promoters of our economy and of our roots."
Ronald Madrigal
1949 - 2005


Costa Rica Rural is a Tour Operator that spects that you as tourist in Costa Rica know our true idiosyncrasy.


Costa Rica is a democratic country, which is admired by millions of tourists of different latitudes that have visited us. Its scenic beauty and its values have made of this destination a paradise


We invite you to enjoy the diversity of attractiveness that this wonderful earth contains, organizing a tailer made trip to the measure and covering all your needs and expectations.

Our packages offer:


  • Traditional places with important historical and cultural value
  • Academic and educational tourism that takes you to know our biological diversity
  • Relaxing Hotels and resorts with the characteristic comforts of the modern tourism.
  • And above all a rural and communitary tourism characteristic of our cultural values